Tuesday, January 3, 2012

December 31, 2011.

For all who have left me. For all who are with me. For all who I'm with. For all whom I've left. For all. It's a new year.

I saw it.
I’m dead.
Or maybe, I kept thinking to myself, this is Hell.
I called Allah to save me.
Questioning His deceit,
Is this it? This is death isn't it?
You were all against me,
While He stayed.
“Help me!”
“Help me!”
Screeching. I can’t hear myself.
Fuck. No one can hear me.
Park. Ambulance.
Only I can see.
I screamed louder.
Heart. Trembling.
Breaths so slow. Beats so rapid.
Hands. Shaking.
Surroundings s l  o   w    e     d      .       .        .
“This is how you’re supposed to f e   e    l    .”
“Take me home!”
“I’m sick.”
“But dude, what are you going to do at home?”
“Why are you guys doing this to me?”
Save me from rape.
Text to you.
“If I die, know that I love you.
Sorry, not sure what that means.
Text to mother.
“In trouble.”
“Save me.”
Time discontinued. Paused.
It wasn't me.
Who was it?
The cracks on my limbs healed.
“Eat something. Let’s get her Cheetos.”
Drowning. Can’t breathe.
…saved by Divinity. 

Starting the new year with a purpose. With God.


  1. damn...this is so beautiful. but u are right, Allah is always with you. Mash'Allah he has blessed you with so much talent. He has given u the strength to share your experiences with others and the courage to keep pushing forward. I love, like I always say..don't stop writing