Friday, April 22, 2011

Notice you. Noticing me.

Before I begin today's post, I'd like to give a shout-out to a  friend. (yes, he's been begging me)! It won't make you famous, I promise...however, our friendship will be much more meaningful if you spread the goodness of this blog and find me readers/followers. 

Charles Anthony Paul. Usually, I don't know what to call him because his name can be anything...Charles or Anthony or Paul or any other variation. A dedicated reader, a true admirer of my Desi are officially a part of this blog. SHOUT OUT.

I'm going to step away from my comfort zone and write about something I have not yet discussed in any of my posts. I don't know what to call it, but here it goes. I rode the bus today (4/21/11). No, it's not about the bus ride or riding on the bus. While walking to the bus-stop there were multiple stares and hollers from random street men, which all women go through. And these men are usually not prince-charming or any ideal man for a relationship or a cup of coffee, unless you want to put yourself in danger. This is the truth of the matter, so no one come to me and try to discuss why and why not. Anyways, I got off on Nostrand and Church (primarily a black neighborhood) where I waited for my friends to arrive. While waiting, I was definitely a HIT amongst the black men. I stood there and heard 'Oh you look good.' 'Wow.' 'How are you today?' Aside from boosting my self-esteem, I realized the craziest thing: black men dig me. I've observed this many times before and have finally reached a pleasant conclusion. I seem to be eye-candy for black men. I asked Ruqayyah, who seems to be an expert, as to why black men find me attractive. She answered "You know why right? It's because of your big eyes, voluptuous body. And you look mad exotic Shahana. Like a mix between Spanish and Indian! Black guys go crazy for that ish." I don't know how much of this is true, but regardless, it definitely made me laugh. And I'm reading this paragraph over while editing, and her response is still making me laugh. And you're probably laughing too right now. I like the attention. All girls do. I believe that every men has a certain race/physical attributes they like more or look for when it comes to women. And I guess the same goes for women. However, I don't think I've seen women hit on men on the streets. Have you? Sometimes it's necessary to discuss experiences that  make us seem conceited or self-absorbed. And don't lie girls, you know you like it when a guy hits on you and you're dying to tell someone. I've shared my experience, so now I'd like to hear yours. Men included.


  1. hahahah shahana i love this i can't believe u actually used my words..word for word lolz. dude ppl love ur blogss keep it up!

  2. Haha, I had to - do you realize how ghetto and hilarious your response was? Love and thank you!