Monday, September 27, 2010

Lupus Photoshoot in 2009.

These pictures were taken during the summer of 2009 by my cousin Rezwan Noor. The location: my backyard. These images capture the changes I went through physically. I wanted my scars, otherwise known as striae (similar to stretch marks, but not stretch marks) to show. Striae is a side effect from Prednisone, the steroid medications I take. I have striae on my arms, stomach, legs, feets, and lower back. You'll rarely see me in short sleeves. The piece on my head in the first three pictures is a wig. One of my favorites! You can also see a clear "moon face". I was very swollen at the time. The last three pictures show my real hair while it was growing. I was too shy to go out like that because I've always had long hair prior to losing almost everything.

I took these pictures not only to remember what I went through, but also to show me how much I've recovered since 2008. 

Recovery is good.

Visible striae on my arms.

You can see that my right foot is swollen.

Humped back. Abnormal double chin.

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