Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Renewed Life: Ramadan

I've been a total lazy ass. I sit online for hours and do absolutely nothing. I've become so consumed with Facebook. There's an addictive factor that is so hard to control. I could easily open up this site on another tab and be somewhat productive, but shit, my entire focus is in Facebook. In reality, I am a pretty busy person - to make plans with me, I'd have to check my schedule. You know how it is. Aside from all this junk, I haven't been inspired or motivated to write. You might be wondering what inspired me to write tonight. I am celebrating my two years with Lupus. This disease has given me such new life to celebrate.

Everyone goes through shit. We all endure different levels of pain in different stages of our life. If we didn't, life would definitely be easier to live, but in all optimism, it's good that we suffer. Suffering makes humans human.

Today is the first day of Ramadan. A month devoted to fasting, I'm hoping to make the best of it. Not just in the matters of losing some pounds perhaps, but finding inner peace, patience, and purity. When I was diagnosed with Lupus, also during the time of Ramadan, everyone was fasting and praying. I can't even describe the abundance of people that came to pray by my side. It was such a holy time that I spent in the ICU room. But I didn't realize then and maybe that's why I was in so much distress during my stay. I lost most of my faith in Allah because Lupus was not what I wanted. However, I'm a changed human being, as dramatic as that sounds. I realize the strength of prayers and the strength of Allah. The past two years, with all the ups and downs, have been my favorite two years of life so far.

I know I am not the most religious person ever, but when I find faith or at least an excuse to become spiritual, I feel good inside. Hopefully some day, religion will not be a timely excuse. So, my Muslim and non-Muslim brothers and sisters, rejoice in this month of renewal.


  1. Shahana this is so beautiful, just like your spirit. We have always connected on our faith: Tryin to help eachother regain faith in our religion. You continue to inspire me. I know my life would be complete if I grew to be half the strong and beautiful woman you are. Masha-Allah

  2. Beautifully written! Finding peace, love, and faith are what all humans seek. You are an inspiration.

  3. Salaam Shahana Ramadan Mubarak 2016,I too have lupus but don't medicate so I figure because I don't medicate why not fast(my way of thinking)?Shukran for sharing and inspiring.

    1. Salaam- how's your Ramadan and fasting going? iA I hope it's going well! Yes, I still don't fast because of the medications I'm on.

    2. Happy Ramadan dear
      I have been diagnosed with lupus sle since 2005 I am on heavy medications
      Every year I try to do Ramadan but sometimes I can't I give it a try each year.I feel bad and sad that my parents can and I can't I feel almost embarrassed but I know that sickness is from our creator and we should always accept it.
      I am on day 3 I am fasting but I have to say that I stayed in bed all day today because I had pain and felt nauseous. I hope I can find the strength to continue but I also know that I have to stop if I feel pain.
      All the best

  4. As salaamu alaikum Shahana,all is well Alhamdulillah.I had a few setbacks health wise But have since regained strength and continuing my fast.This Ramadan has particularly showed me a few things about myself.I thank you for posting your story so that I am able to let my children and siblings read this as well.Masha'Allah plz continue inspiring Happy Ramadan.