Saturday, May 29, 2010

Good Times

After handing in my last final, I made the effort to buy Ruqayyah a birthday gift. Though I couldn't go far, I walked to the nearest gift store and bought her a humorous card and a picture frame. I didn't want to get a readymade gift - anyone who knows me, knows I get creative with gifts, at least those who get gifts from me. After looking for pictures, I found some from the fashion show we participated in during junior year at Bishop Kearney. I wrote a few sentences about our growing friendship - for anyone who doesn't know Ruqy, she is my best friend. She's always been there for me through every thin and thick. There's nothing fake about her. Nor is she two-faced. Nor does she change personalities. And I've had best friends over the years, but some of them are no longer in my life. Friends these days, for the most part, end up being temporary. With the rise of technology, "friends" are all made and built through texting and social networks. However, me and Ruqy are not text buddies. She is that one friend who calls me everyday. I'm serious. And our conversations go on for hours. That's how I know I have a true friend, through phone calls.

After walking one block to buy her gift, my hips were out of control. I felt miserable and had no strength. I came home, made her gift, and rolled around in bed. But I was determined to get my ass up and take her out in the evening along with Jasmine and Chopra. And for those who know me, if I plan something, I get my ass to do it. So there was no way I was going to back out. Ruqy kept telling me we didn't have to go because I felt sick, but I really wanted to make her happy the day before her birthday because I wouldn't be able to spend time with her on the day of due to more surgical pre-testing at Mount Sinai.

Later that night, I took a cab to Beet Restaurant in Park Slope. We all caught up on gossip and ate good ass food. The night didn't end there. We ended up taking a cab back to the apartment to party in 4D. I had my first blue jello shot. Interesting. That's all I have to say about that.

I ended up leaving with Danielle and Tomer, two of my other best friends. They always call me whenever they hang out. We went for a drive and bought some ice cream. Our nightly excursions always end with us eating. Haha.

The day of the 27th, Chopra planned a surprise party for Ruqy which I knew I wasn't going to attend due to my appointment that ended at 7pm. However, I ended up surprising her a little before 12 am with Danielle and Tomer. After surprising her and getting to know some of her other close friends, Danielle, Tomer, and I ended up eating at Famous Pita on Coney Island Avenue. Whenever I'm with them, I become a Jew. Sometimes, I'm cheap like a Jew. And other times, I'm a Jew eating kosher. I love it! And I love them. I ordered the schnitzel while Danielle had a shwarma and Tomer a falafel on pita. I wasn't home till 3 am.

You live life once, and waiting to have fun in the future, does not make sense. Do what you want to do, nowwwww. I mean now. Get your ass off the computer and enjoy life.

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  1. I love you so much you are an amazing friend. I knew you weren't feeling well that day but hearing you describe it in detail kills me. You really didn't have to but you did it anyway. That's Shahana for you...once she sets her mind to something she always does it. You are truly amazing :) You went all that way for me...You are truly one of a kind Shahana Hanif...friends like you come a dime a dozen. <3