Monday, April 19, 2010

A Few Good Days

I'm writing after a long time, my apologies. There's just so much work to do - school work, doctor visits, and plain old life. After struggling nonstop for the past few weeks, I celebrated Pohela Boishakh, Bengali New Year, at my friend Airen's house. I really needed a party to uplift my spirits. We wore saris (cultural attire), ate cultural food, and of course, shared gossip - which, I obviously love! And since I brought up gossip, I just want to inform everyone that it's not real "gossiping" that I do. I like to say that I share information among a group, intending that it will stay between us. So, in all, no one's spreading shit. But anyways, going back to the get together, I felt I was limping less and in some cases, not limping at all. My bodily pains seemed almost nonexistent. We whored out with the digital cameras, Sabia and I sang Bengali songs for the group, we recorded ourselves singing horribly to Jay Sean's "Down", and celebrated Airen's nephew's 4-month birthday - I just loved it - this all took place on Saturday, April 17th.

Sunday wasn't so bad either - except for menstrual cramps. But, even those pains seem petty to me now. Today is Monday, and while I am limping less, I have my Hydrocodone (pain medication) on me. I've attended all my classes so far, and I'm feeling pretty damn good.

So, going back to some older events, in my previous post I mentioned visiting a doctor in Flushing on April 10th. The clinic was crowded with elderly people who clearly could not walk. The shelves were covered with guides to "Hip Replacement," "Shoulder Arthroscopy," "Knee Replacement" - I pretty much own a copy of all the guides. After meeting Dr. Sinha, I felt at ease. For his fellowship, he wrote a paper on Avascular Necrosis - how convenient! He's the first doctor to give me his personal e-mail address and cell phone number. And yes, I've contacted him in both! He highly recommended a hip replacement and shoulder replacement - for both shoulders. The hip is first - scheduled for June 1st at Mount Sinai Hospital, right after finals and classes. My summer will be occupied with 6-8 weeks of physical therapy, but I don't mind. To walk normally without any pain, I'm seriously getting excited! I'm almost forgetting how it feels, but I know the feeling is good. Oh, and my new hip will consist of a ceramic head and a plactis body. Haha, it sounds weird, but technology and science is amazing. Ceramic and plastic is apparently more durable and better for child-bearing patients. After recovery, I'm getting my shoulders done. I don't know the procedures yet, but I can't wait to raise my arms without hearing cracks and feeling achy all the time.

I'm still pondering whether or not I should take the next semester off - my mother says I should, but my drive to finish and continue college isn't letting me take a semester off. Depending on how things work out, I'll make a decision. But for now, I'm going to register for classes and hope for the best.

Events to come: South Asian/Desi formal at Hunter and also a cultural event at Baruch - both events on Friday, April 23rd. A few friends and I are planning to attend both. I haven't attended any big events in a really long time, so I'm excited and hoping plans work out accordingly.

Well, I have Chem lab soon - not looking forward to it, but...there are only 4 more labs left! Pretty damn exciting. And also, I just ordered a motorized wheelchair - of course, only temporary, to help me get around campus. I remember making fun of those motorized wheelchairs, the commercial, if you know what I'm talking about...and now, I'll be cruising on one. Haha.

It's fresh out, so I'm going to end this piece here and enjoy the next ten minutes outside of the library before lab. Keep me in your prayers and if you are in New York on June 1st or after, please do visit me. I love company and people who have juicy stories to share and make me laugh.


  1. I read this, and I was seriously cheesing the entire time. I love you <3 What made me happier, was to hear the optimism in your words that you use to describe everything that's been going on/going to happen.

    Btw, I'm psyched for your motorized vehicle. Just don't speed on campus =D


  2. Hahaha, speeding on campus. Now, that would be funny.