Sunday, March 28, 2010

Frustration 1

Access-A-Ride. Bullshit. To have "access" to such a "ride," there's a lot of politics involved. I called with desperation, explaining my situation to a random lady who obviously didn't give a shit. I thought with one phone call, my transportation dilemmas would be over. That's not the case at all - there's an interview process.

Anyways, I went to the interview at a Bed-Stuy clinic - Interfaith Medical Center. I took a seat and all I heard were nagging nurses and caretakers. "I'm not staying later than 5pm. Nope, not today. I have things to do. Why are these people coming in so late?" I literally took out my notepad to quote these inconsiderate ladies. I was confused. Maybe if these people, senior citizens and disabled people with walkers and crutches, had access to Access-A-Ride, they would not be late. Our medical professionals. What a shame.

The interview, a process that determines disability and whether or not I am eligible for transportation services, consisted of getting up the stairs of a fake bus and train. I'm pretty sure I passed because I can't climb stairs. Also, we had to walk down the hall of the clinic. It was a painful walk. In any case, I was supposed to get a response in 3 weeks. It's now past 4 weeks and I haven't heard shit.

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